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imageBut it’s worth pointing out that in practice nobody knows how well things will actually bear out when these systems are in widespread deployment. Rollups sound like a terrific idea, and the Ethereum community has bet heavily on the tech.

In a truly E2E system, the data is encrypted such that the service provider genuinely cannot decrypt it , even if it wants to. This ensures that the service provider can’t read your data, nor can anyone who hacks into the service provider or its cloud services provider, etc. Ideally this would include various national intelligence agencies, which is important in the unlikely event that we start using the system to conduct sensitive government business.

In this mostly non-technical post I’m going to talk about what we know, what we don’t know, and why it matters. This situation leaves Zoom users with a bit of a conundrum: now that everyone in the world is relying on this software for so many critical purposes, should we trust it?

Specifically, the authors analyze actual VoLTE calls made using commercial equipment, crypto and show that they can exploit something called a "key re-installation attack". (Much credit for the basic observation goes to Raza and Lu, who first pointed out the potential vulnerability. The ReVoLTE attack paper points out that, indeed, this highly vulnerable encryption construction is in fact, misused by real equipment in the wild. But the ReVoLTE research turns it into a practical attack.)

В том числе, нельзя совершать депозиты с обменных пунктов. Примечательно, что сегодня сайт ограничен множеством правил. Кнопкой «Copy Address» помещаем адрес в буфер обмена и затем переводим на него любую сумму BCH для игры. Это полезно с другой стороны, ведь выигрыш автоматически будет отправляться на тот адрес, с которого вы сделали депозит. Так что, для Bitcoin игры в Сатоши Дайс определенно требуется создать собственный BCH кошелек. Принимаются средства только с личного кошелька.

On one side of the bitcoin wallet spectrum, there are wallets that are easy to use, but that require users to give up levels of security in exchange for that ease of use. Bitcoin wallets largely exist on a spectrum.

Перейдите на официальный сайт и справа вы увидите окно с QR-кодом: «Send BCH to Play». Русский язык к сожалению не поддерживается. В списке переведенных версий сайта присутствуют корейский и китайский.

Соответственно, чем выше процент, тем меньше можно выиграть. Сделав успешно депозит видим перед собой меню. Кнопки с шансами «Chance» показывают вероятность, с которой вы одержите победу: от 0.10% и до 94.29% по нарастающей.

Таким образом, с 0.10$ выигрывали 120$, а с 0.64$ – 651$. Наиболее интересный пункт всё же «Rare Wins», ведь он показывает случаи, когда предельно низкие проценты шанса сыграли в пользу посетителей.

Additionally, DHT-based discovery of storage nodes is one of the classic suggestions of new users as an alternative to DNS seeds, and, originally, IRC-based discovery: it has never been committed because it is trivial to attack DHT-based networks, and partly because once a node is connected, Bitcoin (and thus Namecoin) peer nodes are solicitous with peer-sharing.

Once you’ve found the site you’re interested in, you’ll need to choose a table. There are hundreds of online poker rooms, and the largest has over 50,000 players at peak playing times. Just perform an Internet search for poker to see all of the available sites, and you’ll be presented with thousands of results. This will give you a good idea of which games to play and where to find them. The game of online poker can be played with people from all walks of life.

This means that their domain names are not human-meaningful, whereas Namecoin domain names are human-meaningful. Blockchain-based systems like Namecoin are, at this time, unable to match the cryptographic security guarantees (against impersonation or deanonymization attacks) that systems like Onion Service names provide when used directly, crypto but Namecoin’s human-meaningful names do make Namecoin more resistant than Onion Service names to some classes of attacks that exploit human psychology rather than breaking cryptography. The Tor Project’s Onion Services (which have a .onion top-level domain) use domains which are a public key hash. Namecoin’s .bit domains can point to .onion domains, providing a human-meaningful naming layer on top of Tor Onion Services. Attackers can exploit this property of Onion Service names in order to trick users into visiting the incorrect website. We believe that both systems serve a useful purpose, and determining whether direct usage of Onion Service names or Namecoin naming for Onion Services is more secure for a given user requires consideration of that user’s threat model. For example, humans have trouble remembering a public key hash or recognizing a public key hash as the correct one; this is much better with meaningful names such as Namecoin names (or DNS names).

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